Wednesday, June 19, 2013

happy, HAPPY mama*

 Anyone remember this unfortunate incident that took place last Spring?
I have been using that broken range for 15 months (but who's counting?!). Turns out it is perfectly functional without that outer glass however the door no longer stayed open by itself. That means I have been propping the door open with my knees this whole time. Not fun when I am wearing a skirt or shorts. I have burned my legs and forearms approximately 8 dozen times (again, who's keeping track?).
We are currently in the middle of finishing our basement and part of that project involved plumbing a line to our kitchen for a gas stove. Eek, excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this.
I expected to wait until next Spring to get a gas range but then we came across this gem on Craigslist for next to nothing and brought it home. Some folks had just bought a home in a fancy-schmancy pants neighborhood and promptly purchased brand new appliances and were practically giving the "old" stuff away. And as we all know I have absolutely no problem with previously owned treasures!

five gas burners! swoon!!

One itty-bitty downside is that the gas range is off white, or is that almond? Anyway, the rest of my appliances are bright white (like my micro in the pic above) but I think I will get over that real quick as I cook and bake with this baby. And I am never, ever canning outside with the propane burner again, woohoo!
Buh-bye broken door range. See ya never!

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Kate said...

Wow! How lucky! 5 burners - awesome! :)