Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sewing nook!

okay, it is not really a "nook", it is a little corner in my dining room. we found this little table at a thrift shop for next to nothing so we brought it home. tony fixed the hinges and spray painted the legs black and voila! a sewing table!
we found the shelves at a discount store and they are perfect for holding all my buttons and pins. esme' and i made the cute little mason jar pincushion.

the first thing i plan to sew in my new corner are some recycled sweater diaper covers for harper. he has outgrown everything we had for him!! i made him a new pair of pants a week or so ago with my friend paula's help and they are such a great fit on my wonderfully chunky boy i think i will sew him a pair for everyday!

i have made a little progress on joy's longies. i didn't knit a stitch yesterday, otherwise i might have a leg done. they are tuning out really cute. i am going to add little girly ruffles to the bottom!

and just as soon as i finish the green longies i am going to get that babywearer poncho off my needles! i am so close to finishing it up and poncho season is definitely here. plus, i need something warm and snuggly (and cute!) to wrap my baby up in for pumpkin picking on friday!

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Bebemiqui said...

Love the color of your wall...the nook itself is very cute! Found you through from Dates to Diapers!!!