Thursday, December 20, 2007

13 random things...

...about me and christmas! this meme was sent to me by e-mail by a non blogging friend and i thought i would add it here. so, here goes!
1. i LOVE surprises! i love planning them for others and i love them for myself! when i was a teenager my dad and step mom bowled once a week and as soon as they were out of the house my brother would snoop around and find all the presents. (good times, huh mike!!) i never wanted to know what i was getting... and i am still that way!
2. i am a real tree only kind of girl!
3. i have a huge sweet tooth! fudge, cookies, candy, peppermint... bring it on!
4. i prefer wrapping paper over gift bags, although this year i stitched up some cute little drawstring fabric bags.
5. i hate holiday shopping but love to give gifts... this may be why i try to give so many handmade christmas presents!
6. i love it when it snows on christmas~ i am talking big, huge, fluffy flakes covering everything with a blanket of white.
7. i love getting christmas cards in the mail. i hang them all up on a card holder that riley made in the 1st grade. i have a really hard time throwing them away after the holidays.
8. we sleep in on christmas morning. even my kids don't get up until like 9!
9. i buy a new christmas cd every year. this year it was stockings by the fire from starbucks. i really want barenaked christmas from the barenaked ladies!
10. i stock up on candy canes every christmas so we can use them to stir our cocoa all year.
11. i buy new ornaments for all the kids and one for tony and i every year.
12. the smell of peppermint reminds me of christmas.
i am going to tag 2 blogging friends~ my friend monique at the frugal farm and my friend jennifer at keepin' real with the scheppers!

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