Thursday, December 27, 2007

handmade holiday

our handmade holiday was absolutely wonderful! i did buy some of our gifts, especially for riley and niko~ they got cd's and dvd's and everybody including tony got books. but, for the most part, all of our gifts were hand crafted. i was terrible this year about taking pictures of handmade gifts before they left our home! my camera has not been fully cooperative lately so i have not been reaching for it quite as often. here is just a sample of some of our christmas goodies:
i organized a toy swap with some other local mamas. for my part of the swap i made wool s'mores sets~
and little hand warmer pocket creatures we received lots of fun toys from the swap including puppets, dolly diapers, hand painted clothspin dolls, and bath sets. it was so fun and i look forward to swapping with my talented friends every year!
niko and i made these flax seed hot/cold pillows for her teachers. they are folded in half in the photo but they were nice and long and scented with dried lavender from our herb garden. we made a few more for friends.

niko made fleece blankets for harper and esme'. they are so warm and soft! she also made some knitted BSU hats on her knitting loom but we did not get pics of them before they were gifted.

and here is esme's new cape~ she has had it on everyday since christmas. i bought it from a cute little shop on etsy called superfly kidz. i need to get one for harper now!

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