Saturday, December 15, 2007

darn colds!!

my kids and i have been sick this week. i spent the entire day yesterday with no voice. that's right, a day with 4 kids and NO VOICE! by bedtime i was to the point that if i heard "WHAT?" come out of their mouths one more time i was going to cry... a big, silent, ugly cry.
but we got through the day and i am feeling much better today. the kids seem to be feeling better too. thank goodness for traditional medicinals tea, knitting and the following fabulous package that was dropped off on my door step~

these are mantra socks from maggies organics. they are super soft organic cotton and they are made right here in the USA!
i put this pair on immediately!
this evening we are going to bundle up and go to the winter garden aglow to see santa and his reindeer. we do this as a family every year and the lights are absolutely breath taking. i have already been there once this year with my girl friends for mom's night out and i can't wait to go with my family.


Anonymous said...

I know all to well how it feels to be sick while takeing care of 4 kids, even with my hubby it seems when mom is sick they think that's the time to bug more.
but we mom's get through it :)

Anonymous said...

hope your feeling better soon