Sunday, December 30, 2007

what a lovely year!!

here is what i was doing in 2007!
January~ i celebrated my 33rd birthday and knitted a little pair of pink shorts that did in fact guarantee a boy baby for me!
March~ nesting!!! (and a little knitting!)
April~ i was blessed by my wonderful friends for my upcoming birth. and, i developed cankles, YIKES!!
May~ we casted my pregnant belly, set up the birthing pool, and eventually welcomed a new baby!! not to be over shadowed by her sweet new baby brother, esme' also turned 4 years old in may!
June~ we added a new playset to our yard and celebrated riley's 13th birthday!
July~ we drove to montana, i cut my hair, and all the while i kept my knitting needles busy!
August~ harper got a big dose of what is like to have a big sister!
September~ remember the fries? *sigh* and tony and i celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!
October~ boo at the zoo, and riley grew up right in front of my eyes.
November~ niko turned 12, and harper turned 6 months old and is as cute as can be!
December~ we celebrated winter solstice and a handmade christmas.
i am looking forward to the new year and all the exciting changes to come!
peace and love to all!!


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Wow! What a full year! I see you are a doula. After 3 natural births and reading Birth by Tina Cassidy, I'm thinking of becoming one also. How long have you been doing it?

erika~ inspired mama said...

yes, it was a full year! we are truly blessed :)

i attended my first birth in october of 1998 and was hooked! i took my doula training to offincially become a doula in 2003. there is nothing more special than being present for a new baby's first moments out of the womb...