Tuesday, January 29, 2008

snow and cold! *sigh*

it is cold and snowing today. i have several projects lined up (sewing, yarn dyeing, and my knitting works in progress to name a few) but i want, no, i *need* to get out of this house! i think we will bundle up and go to the bookstore. we can easily spend half the day there looking at all the books and drinking coffee and hot cocoa. i have had my eye on these books:

or, this one looks like a lot of fun!

but, who knows~ there is a good chance i will get there and find another perfect book~ i will be sure to update on what i bring home! hmmm, but warm fuzzies do sound pretty darn good on a day like today... maybe that will be the one!

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*Michelle* said...

Oh, gosh. Don't get me started on modern maternity care! I'm basically being forced to have a repeat c/s because I had one last time (11.5 lb baby!). Perfectly normal birth the time before, but they do not "allow" vbacs here anymore. It's so infuriating!!!