Friday, January 04, 2008

my dirty little secret

sarah at ordinary days is asking you to dig deep and dish the dirt by sharing a confession you wouldn't normally share with anyone, let alone the whole blogging world! and there are some fun prizes up for grabs for doing so! bonus points for having a photo to accompany that little skeleton in your closet.

i shared this story with all the mommies at our playgroup recently, so why not share it here too! so here goes... i often wear dirty jeans. you know, i am getting ready to leave so i pull a pair off the top of the laundry basket or off the floor and throw them on. jeans can be worn 3-4 times at least and are more comfy with each wear, right?! several years ago tony and i were making a quick trip to the grocery store. as we were walking across the parking lot tony noticed something sticking out of one of my pant legs. yep, you guessed it, it was the pair of underwear i was wearing the last time i had those pants on! tony stepped on them pulling them from my pant leg. i scooped them up and immediately stuffed them into the my coat pocket... where i forgot them for several weeks... the dirty little secrets just keep coming...

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