Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy, happy new year!!

my new year's eve in a nutshell!!
let's see, we have one frogged baby surprise jacket. don't ask me what happened, because i am clueless. i was happily knitting along and then my decreases betrayed me and took off in the wrong direction. i was only about 3 inches into this project so no worries.
soooo... i decided to cast on a new pair of longies for harper. i received this hand dyed yarn from a work at home mama~ she needed testers for her wool. you know, how well does it knit up, how does it wear, how waterproof is it when used as a diaper cover. i happily accepted 6 oz. of this lovely wool and so far i love it! i will post more feedback and product details when this project is finished.
i finally purchased crazy aunt purl's book yesterday. i have only read about 12 pages but so far i love it... i love her!! anyone who pairs wine with cheetos is a-okay in my book!
i also indulged in a tasty microbrew (please note that this had nothing to do with my BSJ's demise!) i actually only drank half the bottle. i spilled about a quarter of it onto my longies pattern and the rest went down the drain when i finally went to bed. i never thought i'd be the girl who can't even finish one bottle of beer...

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*Michelle* said...

Hee! I received that book for Christmas as well... haven't really gotten into it yet, as I've been catching up on old episodes of Cast On on my new ipod, but I did read the first 10 pages or so-- what a hoot! :D