Sunday, January 13, 2008

warm feet

it is january, there is snow on the ground, but harper thinks it is barefoot weather. everywhere we go his feet end up bare. i started to remove his socks when i buckled him into his carseat otherwise he would take them off while we were driving and chew on them. wet socks are worse than no socks! with high hopes of nipping this problem in the bud i knit him this fabulous footware~ these are knit from the baltic bootie pattern with wool from peace fleece.

so far they seem to be doing the trick. they stay on, they are very warm, and they are absolutely adorable! he can untie them and take them off but has only done so a couple times.

and in the spirit of cozy feet i knit up these magic little pocket book slippers.

this is cascade quatro, 100% wool. i don't know the name of the colorway. i bought this yarn at a going out of business sale for crazy cheap and the ball band was pretty worn and hard to read.
both of these patterns are super easy and fun to knit. and our toasty toes are forever grateful!


*Michelle* said...

LOVE the baltic booties!!! :D Think I'll have to order that pattern.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i so need to learn how to knit. those are all adorable!!