Tuesday, August 26, 2008

full disclosure

yesterday i blogged about our first day of school. i wrote about how bittersweet it was to send esme' off to kindergarten and how nice everyone looked in their new clothes. what i didn't reveal was just how absolutely over the top crazy our day was.

i dropped the big kids off at 7:30 am. riley had football practice immediately after school but niko needed to be picked up at noon. esme' class started at 11:30. we dropped her off, said our tearful goodbyes and left. we then stopped for coffee. then we came home. i knitted a little, nursed and cuddled harper and it wasn't until i went to get him a snack from the kitchen that i suddenly realized that we had never picked niko up! it was now nearly 1pm. a full hour after her school day had ended. i rushed into the garage to inform tony that we were terrible parents and that we needed to leave... NOW!

the whole car ride over i was anxious. i felt bad for forgetting and i was also worried that she would not be right out in front of the school anymore. i worried that we would have to look for her and as a result would be late picking esme' up at 1:15. finally we were approaching the school and as tony turned into the parking lot i notice riley walking down the street with his friends. what the heck is he doing??!! we pull up to the front of the school and grab poor niko then quickly turn the car around to confront riley.

me: what are you doing?

riley: (very surprised to see me) we walked to the store because i was starving.

me: what time does practice start?

riley: 12:30

me: it is 1pm!

riley: it is?

okay, you get the point. apparently he was starving and had to walk to store to buy a 1/2 pound box of mike and ikes before he could possibly even think about football practice. but there is no time to deal with this now, i have a kindergartner to pick up. i tell him to get his behind to practice and off we race to esme's school.

we got there in time to see her come out of the classroom with all the other brand new students in a perfect single file line. she was grinning from ear to ear and i could immediately tell that she was changed forever by the experience of school. she had had a perfectly wonderful day.

we buckled her into her car seat as she told us all about her teacher, the other kids, the playground and everything else about her day. when we got home tony took harper out of the car and asked why he was soaking wet. upon further inspection we discovered that in the frenzy of after school pick up i had pulled on his shorts right over a cotton fitted diaper. no waterproof cover. yes, it was just one of those days...

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