Thursday, August 14, 2008

summertime... i'm already missing you

i am afraid our easy livin' summertime days have come to an end. a screeching halt more like it.
i spent 2 hours at the new jr. high (yes, i have jr high aged children!!) registering riley on tuesday and another 4 hours there registering niko this morning. monday evening was parent orientation at esme's school and this coming monday we get to go and see her classroom and she will meet her kindergarten teacher for the first time. tomorrow is riley's first football practice and i will need to have him dropped off at 8 am and picked up at 1:30 pm. school starts on august 25th for all of them so i am trying to get all of us back on schedule. i have also been working very hard to get things ready for my shop. i have some very fun things in the works and am hoping to stock tomorrow so be sure to check in!
yes, i am already mourning those lazy, sleep in way too late, living for the moment summer days.
i didn't post any garden updates or photos this year. everything grew big and fast and we have been enjoying fresh veggies for a couple months. we have had tons of cucumbers and even more zucchini. as soon as our tomatoes started turning red a little squirell started stealing them. just when i thought he was going to eat every single one he stopped. we have several pumpkins including one that is already big and bright orange.
here is the last bunch of rainbow carrots. we usually do not plant carrots because i find them hard to grow and they are actually pretty cheap to buy. but we couldn't resist these colorful carrots and they really were alot of fun. and we had the prettiest summer dinner salads ever!

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Anonymous said...

School time already?? I am jealous of your garden, we've had 3 (yes only 3) tomatoes that have been ready to eat. Luckily, we have more green ones on the vine. Hopefully they'll ripen before the first frost.
Goodbye lazy summer, see you next year!