Wednesday, August 06, 2008

morning glory

i finally finished that bag. you remember, the one i blogged about here, and then again here.
i actually finished it before we went on vacation. the night before we left when i should have been busy doing laundry and packing suitcases i was feverishly sewing so i could have a pretty new bag to carry while taking in the sights on our journey.
i was inspired to sew a diaper bag with these particular amy butler prints after seeing this beautiful bag sewn by kris from monkey foot designs.
i added little loops to the bottom back corners so i can tie the straps and wear it backpack style too. love that feature!

i am glad i finished it when i did because the way my house looks right now i feel like i may never be able to sew again. we started our home make over and i am fearful that our little dwelling will never be the same! we currently have partially torn out carpet, furniture pushed up against walls in places where it does not normally belong, walls that need patching, boxes of stuff all over the living room.... eek, the list goes on and on! i am trying to keep my cool and visualize how nice it will be when we are done.
nice, deep breaths. everything will be just fine... serenity now!

1 comment:

Kris said...

Love it! That fabric is just so... happy :) I'm out of it right now but hope to get more soon - need to make some more bags with it. Enjoy yours!