Saturday, August 30, 2008

idiot box

it was brought to my attention through the local cloth diapering group that i belong to the the dr. phil show is currently seeking horror stories about midwife attended births. here is what the show's website says:

Did you have a child at your home?

Did you want to have a soothing experience where you were in control and could bond with your child?

Did it not go the way you planned?

Do you regret having a home birth?

Do you regret using a midwife instead of going to a hospital?

Did you have your second child the traditional way in a hospital?

If you or someone you know regrets having a home birth please tell us your story below.

Be sure to be specific and include details!

i am absolutely appalled, but i can't say that i am surprised. so apparently there has been a plea floating around natural parenting message boards and forums asking those who have had positive out of hospital births to send their stories to the dr. phil show. homebirth midwives are asked to share their experiences with the show as well. or how about hospital horror stories? do you or someone you know have regrets about an obstetrician attended hospital birth? why not ask viewers to send in those stories?

please send your positive out of hospital birth stories to the dr. phil show and urge them to please investigate both sides of this subject. wouldn't it be wonderful to have this shows format changed to discuss home vs. hospital rather than simply share tales of homebirths gone bad...


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I can not believe this!!


sweetp said...

I'm shocked and disgusted (but actually not that surprised is Dr Phil after all).

April said...

I sent in the form with my experience of a wonderful homebirth versus my awful hospital birth. Your link worked, but I didn't see the topic on the page with the list of upcoming topics.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could say this surprised me, but it doesn't. Phil irks me.