Friday, September 19, 2008

excused absence

my little blog was sadly neglected this week while we were busy experiencing life and creating fun. unfortunately life dealt us the nasties~ chest colds and sore throats. and, for me, yet another bout with mastitis. i am feeling much better now and my little ones are on the mend as well. just a couple runny noses and occasional coughs lingering around.
as for fun, the kids and i have been autumn crafting~ some for a swap and some for our nature table. i even wrote up a cute little autumn inspired knitting pattern that i hope to post here this weekend! i am also still stitching away on my 28thirty cardigan. in fact, it sits in my lap right this second. knit a row, type a line, repeat...
and since i have no photos to share quite yet of all our recent creations i will leave you with this snapshot of my wonderful little man, who plays a very big role in this mama's busy days...
but i wouldn't have it any other way!

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