Friday, September 26, 2008

my baby girl... not so little anymore!

first of all THANK YOU for all the kind comments on my anniversary post. y'all are so sweet! the mister and i had a great day together. papa came over and watched the kids for three whole hours! tony and i got in the car, backed out of the driveway, looked at each other and simultaneously said "where should we go?" to be honest just simply driving around and having an uninterrupted conversation is absolute bliss! eventually we ended up downtown at our favorite music store/coffee shop where we drank coffee and looked at music and gag gifts for over an hour. then we walked to a favorite restaurant for dinner, then it was back home in time to put the kids in bed and spend the rest of the night watching a movie and eating cheesecake! it was a very nice evening indeed!

now, about my little girly-girl. today was her first picture day at school. i had decided not to purchase photos but rather take pictures of the kids at home. she nearly died when she heard of my plans. apparently she was very excited about her first school picture day. she had already picked out her background (purple) and the outfit she would wear (also purple). she wanted her hair down and curled. and she had practiced smiling in the mirror.
oh my, how could i deny her? so, this morning before kindergarten she got a shampoo, blow dry and style. at one point while we were trying to curl her long and stubbornly straight hair she looked at me and said "geez, it is a lot of work being a girl!" i just gave her a "you speak it sister" nod and a kiss on the forehead. i am just amazed at how grown she seems at times... most of the time now days!

she was a bundle of excitement when i picked her up this afternoon. picture day had lived up to all her expectations even though her hair went flat by the time we got to school and her barrette kept slipping.

and she is already planning ahead for next year~

"next time i am going to sleep in braids so my hair will be curly when i take them out!" she said to me. and all i can think is "next time?" i often forget that there will be a next year, and a year after that and so on. i forget that she is going to keep on growing and changing, that she will never again be exactly like she is right this second. it is moments like these that i am reminded to cherish each and every second with these little ones of mine. hug them tight, kiss them often, snuggle, tickle, sing and play every day. i feel like if i don't i will wake up one morning and it will have all passed me by...

yours in celebrating childhood,



Anonymous said...

Celebrating childhood is exactly what it is. She is so sweet, I love hearing pictures about sweet Esme!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

She is darling. And a movie and cheesecake sounds SO GOOD right now!