Sunday, September 14, 2008

friendship is sweet!

my friend amy recently gave me a bag of amish friendship bread starter. someone brings friendship bread to nearly every pot luck i attend. it is delicious, and now i can finally make my own!
so here it is, our very first batch~ butterscotch cake! it disappeared very quickly so i am guessing it was a success. oh, and it is wonderful with a morning cup of coffee.

i found this website with several different variations and recipes. we might try chocolate next time! the printed instructions i received with my starter says that only the amish know the recipe so if you give all your starter away you will have to wait until someone gives you more. this, i have discovered is not true. you can easily find the recipe online, though i have to agree it is especially sweet to bake bread/cake from gifted starter!


Stacy said...

That looks so delicious Erika!

Jessica said...

that looks yummy Erika! I have wanted to do that starter several times and just never get up the umph to do it! LOL