Thursday, May 01, 2008

could it possibly be?

i can't believe may is here already! it snuck up on me in a huge way! our family has a lot to celebrate this month. it is finally time to put all of our plants in the ground. i have been looking forward to this for weeks. i can almost taste the home grown salads, squash and pickles.
saturday is the midwife appreciation picnic at the park, but we are unable to attend. instead we will be enjoying ourselves at a good friend's birthday bash! i have decided to extend my support to our local midwives by donating a prize for their raffle. i am giving one of each of my products from inspired mama creations as well as some cloth baby wipes and a couple hand sewn bibs.
and, most exciting of all, we will be celebrating some very special birthdays this month. esme' is turning 5 on the 23rd and harper will be one year old on the 12th. in fact, my "due date" was may 1st, 2007. one year ago today. of course harper had his very own agenda and came out when he was good and ready! i can hardly believe how big my babies have grown. it is very bittersweet indeed.
the begining of a new month has brought my stash busting to an end. i knit my little heart out and i gifted many skeins of yarn and as a result my load feels a little lighter. i visited a local yarn shop today and walked out with only a pretty shawl pin and not a single skein of yarn. so, as promised, here are my knitted goodies from april~

simple shawl, knit from partial skeins of wool in my stash.
noro arm warmers~ same colorway, same dyelot, totally different anyway! very colorful though, i like them!
new shorts for harper!

a felted bag i made for a friend's birthday. the handles are a little crooked so i made a whole new bag. it left the house damp from the washer (it was also felted) without being photographed. the pretty hand painted yarn was also part of her gift,
a sweet little wrap sweater for a sweet new baby.

little mary janes for the same sweet baby!
a felted bird nest and eggs
and a couple big beaked birds to live in the felted nest!

little longies for harper's dolly. notice how the longies also serve as a shirt! they are a tad bit high waisted, i know...
a bracelet bag for esme' knit from leftover soaker yarn.

this was going to be another felted nest but i ran out of yarn. it is a hot pad/ pot holder/ plant cozy thingy...
a boring but very handy dishcloth.

and a zoom swiffer cover! love this!!

so, there it is! mid may i will put my knitting needles away and start fabric stash busting! i have some very fun projects planned. a crafty mamas work is never done...

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sweetp said...

Gosh you have been busy. I really like the shawl. Gorgeous birth story btw ;) All mine were HB too.