Wednesday, May 21, 2008

stitch by stitch

i am sewing through my continuously growing fabric stash this month... and next! no buying fabric. no thrifting for fabric. just using what i already have.
here is esme' in her new birthday dress that she will wear this weekend. when she turns 5 years old! baby girl is not really a baby anymore!
this dress will grow with her by uncrossing the straps and buttoning them on the last button hole~ so hopefully it will fit her next summer too.
i sewed these little bags for the girls last night. the green one was the first one i made and it is really pretty sloppy. notice how i didn't match up the flower pattern on the panels? oops!!
and this little pink bag matches esme's birthday dress!
i have this stack of fabric pulled out in hopes that it will be turned into beautiful, usable items by the end of next month. i also got my hands on some lovely bamboo velour that is asking to be dyed in pretty colors and sewn into something special.
now, if i could just figure out how to add more hours to the days so i can get all these projects done...

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*Michelle* said...

Adorable dress (and adorable girl!). What pattern is that?