Thursday, May 08, 2008

that's better!

everything is back to normal here. esme' feels better. mama feels better. it has been a good day! we all have those days where we just feel crummy. the days when we can't deal with anything, or anyone. i can totally understand. after her huge public meltdown and a good cry followed by hugs and kisses and cuddling she emerged from her bedroom and ate her favorite peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich then put her barbie roller skates on and went outside. just like that, she is fine.

i think the whole tantrum would not have been a big deal to me had we not been in the grocery store. it is hard to deal with such things with people, strangers present. i feel like my parenting skills are center stage for all to see and critique. it feels so raw and exposed. then i wonder what people are thinking. are they smiling to themselves thinking about times that their own child has had a breakdown in the cereal isle? are they feeling bad for her and the thought of her being in trouble, because i have felt this way for crying kids in the store. or maybe some of them are thinking "man, what a brat!" here is my plea to you~ the next time you see that mama in your store give her a smile, a hand if she needs it, something to let her know she is not alone. it may be just the thing she needs to keep her sanity that day...

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