Tuesday, May 13, 2008

thrifted treasures!

new shoes for mama!

home decor weight fabric~ approx 2 yards
more fabric in the sweetest little print ever! i am seriously in love with this! it looks like i have about 1 yard. any suggestions on what it should become?
a twin size sheet that is going to be summer skirts for the girls and i.
a spool of pretty ribbon (29 cents!!)
a lovely pumpkin wool sweater that i plan to felt and cut up and sew a wool diaper cover out of.

and a cute new denim skirt~ it is hard to photograph an article of clothing while wearing it...


*Michelle* said...

Oh, man! That mushroom fabric is ADORABLE! A wrap skirt maybe? Maybe panels on a wrap skirt, anyway. Love it!

frugalmom said...

Those are some great finds! What about a pouch for the shroom fabric? You could line it with something a little more substantial.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ok- loving your treasures!