Saturday, May 10, 2008

i love dirt.

i got the rest of my vegetable plants in the ground today with a little help from the kids. as you can see in the pics i still have a good size bed behind me that needs plants... once i pull all the weeds out of it *sigh* i think i will tackle that tomorrow and maybe put a little herb garden in. i have an herb garden out front and i love all the fresh, fragrant herbs that it supplies. i started an asparagus bed this year. i am not sure why i haven't planted asparagus in the past. tony grew up eating wild asparagus that grew on their property.

harper was pretty content on my back, but i suspect that the dirt was calling to him. it won't be long and he will be out there digging for worms right beside his big sister.
happy harper!
tomorrow for mother's day the kids and i are going to buy and plant flowers. i have my eye on a pretty little bird feeder at cost plus world market too. and esme' is planning a little backyard picnic and i heard a rumor about cake being served...

this baby carrier is a BabyHawk Onbuhimo. she no longer makes them but you can get Onbus from other manufactuers. or start stalking the for sale or trade forum at The BabyWearer and you might come across a BabyHawk Onbu!

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