Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the great pumpkin harvest

we harvested our pumpkins today. there were 6 nice, big pumpkins that escaped the feeding frenzy of the neighborhood squirrels. the biggest one weighed 26 pounds, the smallest weighed 12 pounds. harper tried to lift each one and finally decided that a little acorn squash was more his size. esme' was enthralled by the earthworms living under one of the large pumpkins.
our yard suddenly looks different, empty as we put the garden to bed until spring. we are already discussing and planning next year's garden. maybe we will move the squash plants to another bed. perhaps we will plant something new. stepping stones made as a family would be nice. but right now we have a whole new season to enjoy while we plan and daydream.
yours on this beautiful Autumn afternoon,


Michelle said...

How great you grew your own pumpkins! We have never had any luck with that. They just don't get big enough. Is that an organic garden? We're going to try raised beds next year. Great blog!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

hi michelle! yes, we have a lovely little organic garden that seems to expand a little each year :) i love the raised beds!

thanks for stopping by!


Heidi said...

me thinks that stepping stones will be a great snowy day project...