Friday, October 24, 2008


niko is feeling better. we attempted to video blog an update about her recovery with no luck. my camera malfunctioned... twice. harper ran up and grabbed the camera in the middle of our third video. then we finally got through the fourth with no mishaps only to have it refuse to upload!! the last time we did it we were pretty loopy and probably hard to understand anyway. the best one is actually the one where harper swoops in mid video and runs away with the camera. maybe one of these days i will get that one posted here for your entertainment.

anyway, here is the information you would have learned from our vlog had it been successful:

we visited the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and she believes that niko's arm will heal very nicely with no surgery. she will go back in three weeks for more x rays to make sure it still looks okay. they decided to not cast it, so she will just wear the sling for 5-6 weeks. she is still really sore but it is getting better each day so that is good.

she was given a doctor's note excusing her from school the rest of this week and from PE for 6 weeks. we had a great idea to try to get the doctor to also write a note saying that niko was unable to wear her school uniform for 6 weeks, but that was a no go. so she will be returning to school monday, wearing her sling and uniform. the school counselor is going to assign a "buddy" to help her during the day since she cannot use her arm at all. this person will follow her from class to class, carry her books and help her get her lunch. niko, of course, is mortified like any 12 year old girl would be!

she is very upset that she cannot play her bass clarinet for several weeks. she said that is the very worst part of being injured. that and not being able to hold her baby brother.

the picnic table performance is apparently her last. she said she will not be doing any pretend hannah montana shows ever again. we'll see.

we also found out from the orthopedic doctor that niko is going to be very tall. she is 5'6" right now and we were told that her growth plates are nice and open and she likely has another 3 years of growing ahead of her. the doctor guessed that she will be 5'9- 5'10". lucky girl! i am 5'3" *sigh*

so that's the news~ we are relieved beyond belief that she will heal just fine and will not need surgery. and niko and i have been having so much fun these past three days that she has been home. we have been watching movies, eating jelly bellies (juicy pear is our favorite) and talking and laughing a lot. it has been a while since i have connected with my pre-teen daughter like this. i just realized that i am really going to miss her when she goes back to school on monday...


Kim said...

I am so glad to hear she won't need surgery!!
Sounds like you two are having fun (juicy pear is our favorite here also!). And, lucky girl, going to be so tall!
I was 5'6" at her age, and stopped growing. I would have loved to had an extra 3 inches.
Have a lovely weekend!

Jess said...

man! She looks like she's handling it pretty well. :( Poor Niko. I'm so glad to hear that she's not going to need surgery though!

Holy smokes, she's going to be a knockout at 5' 9". Not that shes not already. ;)