Monday, October 13, 2008

more hats

i finally took pictures of the hats i knit for the girls. esme' designed her own hat. she told me how wide to make the stripes, where to put each color, and of course the little tassel was her idea too. she seems to be very happy with it, so i think we can call the esme' hat is a success!

this is o-wool balance in teal and pink.

i knit a pixie hat for niko. she wanted a hat just like harper's. she requested natural yarn which surprised me a little (okay, a lot!) considering the amount of brightly colored wool that fills this tiny house of ours. but the off white merino actually knit up beautifully and she loves her hat too.
moving on from noggins to finger tips, i cast on mittens tonight!

they are knitting up super fast... and super cute! and while browsing patterns on raverly this evening i decided that very soon i will take a break from kid knitting and knit some mittens for mama... i deserve it!

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kraftykash said...

You do deserve some mittens! Did that snow finally melt? Cute kids!