Sunday, October 26, 2008

a home for fabric

i love to organize. i love having everything tucked away neatly in it's place, often times color coordinated. this is especially true when it comes to my fabric stash...

okay, if you know me in real life you are probably peeing in your pants with hysterical laughter right now. the truth is i am not organized. i am the exact opposite, in fact. i want to be organized. i try to be organized. as far as my fabric stash is concerned it is kept in bags (i am talking garbage bags here), boxes and random stacks on my sewing table. yesterday i took a look at this cluttered mess and decided that the organized thing to do was get myself some totes and round up every piece of fabric in the house and place it neatly in said totes. so that is what i did. i packed up my little ones and drove to shop-ko and found perfect, clear so i can see all the contents, containers. and they were buy one get one free! i already have one tote filled with fabric and put away. i did not, however, color coordinate it... that just freaks me out! baby steps...

as for the second tote, it is currently full of kids. apparently that is the best seat in the house for movie watching.

i spent this morning sewing for a special giveaway~ here is a little sneak peek! come visit me in the morning for details!

from the deep depths of my fabric stash,
warmly yours,

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Jess said...

Ha ha!! I was laughing of course. :) If you are organized surely that must mean that I am too right?? I read somewhere that crafty people aren't very organized. Maybe that's our problem. :P

I love the pic of the kids in the tote. Mine have destroyed a few that way. :-/ They love to climb into baskets and totes and hide out. :)