Sunday, October 19, 2008

nothin' much!

it has been a pretty lazy weekend. no big news to share. nothing exciting to blog about.
my dog has spent the entire afternoon following the sunny spot around the living room. i must admit i've been tempted to find my own sunny spot and settle in for a little nap.
but instead of napping i have spent my lazy afternoon knitting. i have a pair of wool pants started for harper and i cast on my mittens last night! that is them there on the right, in green and blue. harper's little pants are on the left.

so there you have it, that is my weekend... my gloriously lazy but warm wooly producing weekend!

yours this sunny afternoon,


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Lovely Little Lovelies said...

i'm glad i happened upon your blog! i used the "shop local" feature on etsy and found you. so nice to see another cruncy mum in my area :)