Wednesday, October 08, 2008

tiny knits

a little more of the same~ this is yet another giving pixie hat, but this time with matching mittens! my girlfriends and i get together one evening each week to knit at a nearby starbucks and we recently found out that the manager's wife is expecting their first baby any day now!

so this little set is for the starbucks baby!

i should mention that the baby's gender will be unknown until he/she makes a grand entrance into the world~ i know, i know, i could have picked a more gender neutral color. for some reason this is the skein of yarn that seemed to be calling to me though... a sign that a baby boy is coming? i guess we will soon see!


kraftykash said...

Those turned out so cute! How fun to meet at Starbuck's every week! I find it hard sometimes to get out of the house alone! Take Care-Kashoan

Anonymous said...

Oh those are so precious! I need to get knitting some gloves/mittens for my little ones!