Saturday, April 30, 2011

i live here now.

i finally, finally organized and tidied my studio and can actually work in there. but the thing is it is not work at all. it is pure bliss. i am spending as much time as possible in this room. harper and i color and make paper airplanes at my sewing desk. esme and i sorted and folded fabric together and made project plans for each print. i nurse luca in my comfy gold chair.

would you care to take a tour?

my sewing desk next to the glow-y, ruffle covered window.

oh look, even my neglected spinning wheel has her own spot. i have simply been choosing fabric over fiber pretty consistantly these days. but that may change with the seasons, we will see.

buttons, buttons, buttons.

ribbon and thread rainbows.

our creative book shelf.

a basket of scraps just waiting to become something lovely. since the basket is full i had better get busy stitching them up...

it is still a work in progress. the walls are pretty bare for my liking but i intend to change that soon. but my goodness, i am in love with this space. it is a wonderful thing to cut fabric then go prepare breakfast. sew a few seams then fold a load of laundry. i am currently working on a sweet summer project for myself with butter soft denim and vintage floral ribbon. fabric ribbon so pretty i can't help but smile big as i stitch it to my hemline.

so dear friends, this is where you can find me now days. i see a whole lot of project related posts coming to inspired mama musings. and i really hope you enjoy my show and tells.

happiest saturday all!


Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!! Looks beautiful, Erika. I am envious of an upstairs space you can just slip in and out of. Mine is in the basement, and while I am very thankful to have the's hard to want to go down there!


Mulberry Mama said...

OH, I am in love!!!! In my dream house, I have a room just like this. For now, I have a small section of a bedroom closet and a corner of the dining room. But SOMEDAY.... :-) Thanks for sharing!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh heather, you are welcome to come hang out and sew with me anytime, friend!

mulberry mama - YES, i so understand... i was in a corner of our dining room as well with my fabric and "stuff" stashed all over the rest of the house and garage. it is pretty nice to have everything in one spot. i am feeling pretty spoiled!

thank you for sharing my excitement!!


Skooks said...

Nice job! My sewing room is definitely my happy place as well. :)