Sunday, November 06, 2011

giving thanks :: days 5 and 6

giving thanks :: day 5
it was the morning after a fabulous night out with my mama friends. i woke up feeling happy and grateful for such special friendships. i dressed my family and we braved the brisk weather {okay, it was just plain COLD!} and watched niko march with her high school band in the veteran's day parade. then we warmed our bones in the cozy car as we drove to a thrift store to browse, and then to another. no treasures were discovered so we treated ourselves to coffee and cocoa and visited a handmade market that some talented friends were set up at. there were several new vendors there too, each with wonderful offerings for holiday shoppers. we spent a good while at the kid's craft table because honestly at this point in the day it was the only place my dear children were content. esmé made a bird out of fabric scraps, pipe cleaners and feathers and harper made a necklace and a feather wand. then it was home for rest and dinner and bath tub soaks and finally, at long last, bed.
i am thankful for days just like this.

giving thanks :: day 6
i am thankful for a husband who doesn't mind doing the grocery shopping for our family of 7 this week just so i don't have to drag all of the kids to the store with me. seriously, how lucky am i?! very.

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Heidi said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Isn't it great how a night out with mama friends can totally recharge your spirit? I will never take mine for granted.
And yes, grocery shopping husbands are the best:)!