Thursday, November 17, 2011

super hero :: small style

i *think* {gosh, i hope} that he is finally feeling better. it was only three days. but it was three whole, long days {and nights}. i am really ready to get back into the rhythm of our home once again.

yesterday i got him dressed and took him for a short ride in the car to nowhere in particular, but anywhere but here. a little for him and a lot for me.

it turns out fresh air and familiar city streets and jackie greene on the car stereo is good medicine. a little for him and a lot for me.

i am linking up with small style at mama loves papa today.
here is what luca wore on his wee outing ::
green super hero hoodie - target
brown trousers with mushroom pockets - stitched up by mama
butter soft red leather boots - bären-schuhe

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Tiffany said...

What a beautiful boy. My nephews have the same gorgeous hair!! I too take drives sometimes with my little ones. It's good to just get out...