Tuesday, November 15, 2011

whine*sniff*grumble {and some happy stuff : giveaways winners!}

i really want to sew today. but luca is still not feeling his best so it looks like another day in jammies on the couch. harper is still in bed and i am afraid that he might not be feeling well either. i had a free appointment set up with my chiropractor for her annual customer appreciation day and i just now called her to cancel.

deep breathe, chin up, snuggle those sweet boys close. babies don't last. i'm going to throw open the curtains and let those healing sunbeams in. i'm going to make them warm herbal tea and rub their backs and kiss their foreheads. i am going to settle in to watch any movie they choose - home alone again? we know it forward and back now. 
i really am lucky to be their mama. i am thankful that they are very rarely sick. and i am thankful that i am right here to take care of them when they are.
{giving thanks :: day 15}

now for giveaway wrap ups ::

the lucky mama who will receive the autumn issue of alphabet glue is vicky from mess for less! woo hoo!
annie has all three AG issues available for purchase here and she is currently hard at work on the winter issue. can't wait! 

and i had to choose another winner for the jane austen stitch marker giveaway because i could not get in touch with the original winner. how unfortunate is that? so the new winner is...
nicole! yay, yay, yay!

watch for an email from me this afternoon vicky and nicole!

** oh, and great news, harper is now out of bed and eating breakfast and feeling just fine. thank goodness! have a lovely day, friends! xo

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