Wednesday, November 02, 2011

autumn bunting winner and giving thanks

harper chose lucky number SIX for the autumn bunting giveaway. that is you erin {sweet smile creations} erin is a very talented local photographer - she took the best photos of my family after luca was born, including the sweetest pics of my little guy nursing and showing off his adorable cloth diaper
erin, i will be in touch with you this afternoon! xo

day 2 :: giving thanks
i am incredibly thankful for my family. yes, this sounds pretty basic and generic, but really, i am so lucky to be where i am and i know it. each one of these amazing children has taught me so many lessons about life. luca is currently teaching me about patience and slowing down to savor the moment i am in. i have been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with his seemingly non-stop nursing. i feel like he should be sleeping more at night and nursing less, both at night time and during the day. but then it hits me that he is not going to be nursing and snuggling with his mama forever. i mean, just look at my family - i blinked and esmé and harper are big kids now. this is harper's last year at home with mommy before he begins his journey through school. and riley and niko are much too quickly  preparing to try out their wings and leave our nest. it is all happening so fast. too fast.

so, i am thankful for my family. every single second, every crazy day, every tuck-the-same-child-into-bed-over-and-over night, the nursing, the snuggling, the kisses every morning. there is nothing basic or generic about any of this, dear friends!

yours in this moment,

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Devonmama said...

Amen to that Erika! Same thoughts exactly going on over here, each time I tuck my two little boys up at night xx