Sunday, November 20, 2011

we met jan brett {she is our favorite!}

look! jan brett's book tour bus! we were so excited!

there were a whole lot of people there but we all agreed that we were not leaving without saying hello and getting our new copy of "home for christmas" signed. so we took a place in the long line.

hedgie was there too!

she gave a demonstration on how she creates her illustrations. 

there she is! we've almost made it through the slow moving line.

it is exciting to be so close.

at long last it is our turn! she was so kind and patient and chatted with the kids about their love for art and their favorite animals. even harper talked with her and told her he really likes bears. 
{if you know harper you know this is a pretty big deal}
she wrote ::
Dear Esmé, Harper and Luca
Love is.
Jan Brett 2011

esmé posed for a photo with her. harper politely declined.

we also picked up a copy of "the hat" for our little library.

now we are back home and all settled in for story time and naps and coffee part two for mama.
*happy sighs*

but before i go i want to share with you what i found! jan's website is full of printable fun for your kiddos! {including some adorable thanksgiving printables}

enjoy, friends!
love is.

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Heidi said...

So cool.She is such a talented person and an inspiration. I went to art school with the hopes of become a childrens book illustrator, and am still hopeful that it may happen for me someday. We have many of her book as well and were just reading them yesterday. I wonder if her tour is coming through Portland?