Monday, July 07, 2008

black eyed girl

this poor child, some nights when i tuck her into bed i am amazed that she survived the day. she is busy and quick and fearless. she climbs and jumps and swings. and, often times she bumps, scrapes and bruises.
yesterday started with a big, fat black eye. i did not witness the accident, but apparently she crawled into the tiny space between her bed and dresser and pulled her night light cord causing it to fall... onto her face! after some hugs, kisses, arnica gel and an ice pack she was feeling fine. we went to the book store as planned and then to the grocery store. she decided to take the ice pack along with us and she soon discovered that if she put the ice to her eye and looked very sweet and sad that she got extra attention... and extra sprinkles on her hot chocolate at the bookstore coffee shop... and extra stickers from the playland lady at the grocery store.
when she woke up this morning she checked to see if her eye was still bruised. yup, it is. she then retrieved her ice pack from the freezer and asked where we were going today. oh my, what am i going to do with this child of mine??

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Christine said...

hahahaha..... she made me laugh!!

children can be so.... perceptive at times!