Wednesday, July 16, 2008

rainbow and coral

we had friends over yesterday morning to play in the yard and tie dye! guaranteed good, messy fun! i have to admit i got more visiting done than dyeing, but that is always fun too. i did tie some some little tees for all the kids and plan to get them dyed this afternoon. is there anything better than tie dye on a child? seriously, who cares if they get chocolate ice cream or blue popscicle everywhere!
when all of our friends went home, socialized and tired, and much more colorful than when they arrived, i got to slip out for a couple hours for a pedicure! my wonderful husband gave me a gift certificate for christmas and i wanted to save it for summer sandle weather. i realized last week that hello... summer is half way over already! so now i have pretty orange-y pink toes that make my $2.50 old navy flip flops look so much cuter. it was a lovely day!

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