Saturday, July 05, 2008

good, dirty fun!

our 4th of july was fun, fun FUN! we started the day off at a picnic in the park surrounded by friends and food~ lots and lots of great food! it was hot, but breezy and we sat in the shade so it was actually quite comfortable. daddy was not working yesterday for the first time in several years so we were all very happy that he could celebrate with us.

the big excitement of our day was daddy climbing approximately 20 feet up a tree to rescue esme'! yup, she climbed all the way to the top of a tree while we ate, and chatted with friends and kept a close eye on her baby brother. there was a group of kids gathered at the bottom of the tree so i think she was trying to entertain them. she wasn't afraid either. in fact she was still climbing higher when we saw her. anyway, i am very thankful that daddy was there because i have no idea how i would have got her down safely if i had been by myself!

and, you may be asking "where are all the photos from this picnic and the big tree rescue?" well, being a baaaddd blogging mommy i got so caught up with chatting (and eating!) that i never even took my camera out of my bag. i thought about it as soon as we got in our car and started driving home *sigh*

later in the evening, after a nice, long rest at home, it was time for fireworks! they launch the fireworks from a local park so the past couple years we have set up in an empty lot right above the park. we have a perfect view and no traffic to deal with before or after. the only downside is the dirt! we were wearing it, breathing it, i even caught harper eating it a time or two.

the fireworks were fantastic, and our kids were socialized, filthy, full of sugar, and down right exhausted by the time we got them home and in bed. good 'ol july fun!

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