Sunday, July 06, 2008


i was flipping through the new knit picks catalog yesterday and saw this~ sock blanks!
it is a big knit rectangle of double stranded sock yarn that you can dye and then knit right from the sock blank, two socks at a time! perfectly matched, self stripping socks, no fuss! i have personally never been inclined to knit socks. i have knit baby and toddler socks but knitting skinny yarn on teeny, tiny needles until i have something that will fit an adult has never sounded appealing to me. but this is pretty darned cool. i think i will at least have to order some to dye for my sock knitting friends. and who knows, maybe a pair of my own socks will pop up on this blog...

but until then, my next project is this:

rusted root from zephyr style! i picked up some cotton fleece in a pretty pale green yesterday. i have a very special baby gift on my needles that is a day or two away from being finished, and then i am ready to get started.
oh, and the very best part? my yarn was 40% off! bliss!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ohhhh nice!!! I am excited for my LYS's big sale starting this Sat! I might finally get started on baby's sweater. But have you heard the old wive's tales about knitting while pregnant? Am I crazy for being a little superstitious?


Christine said...

Such gorgeous colours on the sock!!

Don't you just love yarn sales, that sweater will look stunning!

Samsara said...

Sock blanks? Wow! Never heard of them! Sounds like a great idea though, dyeing and knitting fun all in one go, although I agree with you on the teeny tiny needles thing :-)