Friday, September 02, 2011

how to properly finish a handknit sweater.

alternately titled "oh hey, you finally finished that sweater of yours, now you get to spend three long days trying to decide which buttons are perfect for it!!"

i loved the gray buttons first, then i thought maybe i wanted wood buttons. but i add wood buttons to everything, i am kind of over it. the top-left button in the first photo, right next to the gray ones,  is actually a dark green. and the button right under it a dark brown.

once you sew on some darned buttons already you can then put your new wool sweater on even though it is nearly 90 degrees and go into the backyard and have your eight year old take some pictures of you looking all dorky as i have demonstrated below.

no make-up and a grundgy pony tail. but this post is all about the sweater, friends. i would seriously hate to take the spotlight.

now if it would just kindly get cool enough for me to wear this lovely i would be a very happy girl.
here are my yellow sweater's deets ::
yarn :: cascade 220 in lemon ice
needles :: addi turbo circulars in sizes 6 and 7
buttons :: vintage from my button jar. and i really do think i made the perfect choice!

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Heidi said...

Great job and love the green buttons, good choice. I made the tea leaves in madeline tosh like the one in the pattern photo, but it pills like freakin crazy. I wore it once and it was already super pilly. I want to make another sometime in a stronger wool so i can wear it all the time without wearing it out.
I love the color of yours by the way. my little guy has been asking for a "Lellow" sweater.