Wednesday, September 07, 2011

just now.

just now, on a whim, i decided to open my HP gallery and quickly choose a random photo to post. this was our last pumpkin harvest, three years ago. we haven't grown pumpkins since. i miss those crazy vines snaking around the garden and watching the pumpkins get bigger and bigger then slowly turn orange. i miss home grown jack-o-lanterns glowing on our front porch. i miss harper and esme being that tiny.

i still have those little brown corduroy pants and striped shirt that harper is wearing and i think they will fit luca this year. i just now decided that he will wear this very outfit to the pumpkin patch next month. yes, a pumpkin harvest photo of luca in his big brothers pumpkin harvest hand-me-downs will happen for sure.

we are also planning a big, crazy fun, backyard pumpkin carving party with all of our friends, something else we have not done for three, maybe even more, years. i can't wait. i love autumn. that is all for now.

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