Monday, September 19, 2011

vintage thrift

 today i found this ::

a vintage pattern carefully and thoughtfully cut out and ready to sew. 
at first glance i simply wanted the fabric. see the tiny acorns! LOVE! it feels a lot like linen and the background is a delicious espresso brown. but after i got it home and looked again i think i will go ahead and sew it up and see how it turns out. i believe it is the top, second from the left. and if i hate it i will cut it up and use the fabric for something else! 

 this sweet tiered dessert stand came home with me too ::

$2.99! how could i leave it behind?
i also found more (!!) vintage fabric yardage and a really funky vintage skirt. maybe after i find the perfect top, shoes (or boots) and accessories to doll it up i will come back and share photos. you all can't wait, right? that's what i thought!

happiest monday, friends!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think the tiered dessert tray was my moms!!! Seriously. We had the beverage dispenser and tea cups that went with it. I used it at all of my upscale lemonaid stands as a child. :) great finds.