Thursday, September 29, 2011

small style :: pixies!

over the weekend i tried to take a few photos of my boys modeling the recycled wool pixie hats that i sew and sell. harper's photos are pretty darned cute. i even put one up in my new autumn banner.

luca wasn't quite as interested but still absolutely adorable...

we gave him acorns and leaves from the oak tree to study while i clicked away. that kept him still for about 10 seconds.

then he chewed the hat. that is daddy's leg over there on the right of the photo. he was on active duty and instructed to catch the baby if he decided to make a run for it {which he totally did}.

this was the last photo, right before he ran. but it doesn't even matter because it turns out there is nothing quite as cute as a toddling pixie streaking across the yard wild with giggles while daddy tries to catch up. 
a note to my little pixies - please do not outgrow your love for pixie hats and make believe and general silliness for a long, long time.  or perhaps ever. that would work for me too. love, mama xoxo

all about the hats ::
i make them from pristine recycled wool and cashmere garments {and occasionally fluffy angora!}
they are embellished with wool felt and braided wool ties.
each hat is one of a kind.
my amazing hubby made the beautiful wood buttons that i add to them!

i am linking up with mama loves papa today!


Janelle said...

He is adorable! love the pictures!

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...'.cuteness! I adore it!! I am a total sucker for woodland themes - always dressing my daughter up for her b-day (right before halloween) as something from the woods... how much are they? I want one in my size.. hehe! ;o)
Your guys are delish.
Mel :o)

Lil Muse Lily said...

your hats are so darn cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable hats. Keeping them in mind as winter rolls ever closer!

Hannah Avery said...

Oh, my, these are just too cute! The fallish colors are amazing!