Thursday, September 15, 2011

small style :: when big brother was small.

just a few more things that harper wore, mama loved and luca is now growing into.

 these pants with the butter-soft heather ross lily pad pockets. i made them for harper when he was nearly two but i am hopeful that they will fit over luca's cloth diapered bum this fall. 

harper's solstice sweater from a couple winters ago. i am positive it will look as amazingly adorable on luca as it did on harper.

and this little cassette tape jacket {target, i think} we still have this handknit pixie hat too.

have i mentioned how much fun i am having with another boy baby?... ♥

linking up with mama loves papa's small style post.


Rose said...

People act like it's harder dressing up little boys in cute outfits, but this is proof of that false statement. Adorable!

the_witty_knitter said...


I love dressing my little son; it is fun!