Thursday, September 22, 2011

naptime bustle.

here is what i did while the baby napped today ::

i wiped the sticky, smudgy hand prints off the glass patio door. and it is still clean an hour later, because the baby is still sleeping.

i swept the dining room. it is the third time i have had the broom out today and not even close to the last time.

i collected acorn caps from the backyard for a fun project. they are teeny and really cute. but i am hoping to also find some larger caps. i think a visit to the park is in order! 
i folded a load of laundry AND put it away. that almost never happens all at one time around here.

right this second the baby is still in peaceful slumber so i am blogging while knitting a lovely, hand-dyed gray, merino-cashmere blend hat (for you, tahirih, if you are reading!) while drinking iced coffee and admiring my tidy floors and clean glass door. i should be getting dinner started. but not yet. just give me a few more minutes...

what do you do with yourself during nap time, friends? 

1 comment:

Meggie said...

Nap Time? What's that? My biggest break is Cole going to your house for a few minutes! LOL, that's where he is now!